It is inspiring to learn how the non-profit organisation breakfast4kids e. V. has set itself the goal of improving the lives of children by providing them with a healthy snack every day. This initiative is an excellent example of social commitment and the promotion of children's health and education.

The association started its remarkable journey in 2009 with a pilot project in a school, where 12 break-time sandwiches were provided every day. This was the first step towards realising their mission of providing healthier food options to children in the region. The pilot project served to gain valuable experience and refine the concept before expanding it to a larger scale.

In the years since the pilot project started, breakfast4kids e. V. has developed and expanded considerably. They currently work with a total of 33 schools and daycare centres in various cities, including Aachen, Alsdorf, Brühl, Eschweiler, Herzogenrath, Cologne and Stolberg. This geographical diversity underlines their commitment to improving the nutritional situation of children in a broad region.

Particularly impressive is the fact that the association provides around 1,100 children with healthy snacks every day. This means that over a thousand children benefit from this valuable initiative every day and are given the opportunity to eat healthily during school hours. This not only contributes to the physical health of the children, but can also improve their concentration and performance in class.

The status as a non-profit organisation makes it clear that breakfast4kids e. V.'s main focus is on the well-being of the children. They do not advocate for financial gain, but invest all resources and donations in the implementation of their programme to ensure that as many children as possible can benefit from a healthier diet.

In summary, breakfast4kids e. V.'s commitment and dedication makes a significant contribution to promoting the health, education and future opportunities of children in the region. Their success story shows how a small idea and a big heart can lead to significant positive change.

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